This guide will help you quickly set up and start using Hypercode. From installation to making your first language model query, we’ll guide you through all the necessary steps.

Step 1: Install Hypercode

Start by installing Hypercode using npm:

# Install the Hypercode npm package
npm install hypercode

Step 2: Set your Hyper API Key

You need to configure your Hyper API key either by setting it in a .env file or initializing it programmatically.

# In your .env file
const hyper = require('hypercode')

hyper.init({ apiKey: 'API_KEY_HERE' })

Step 3: Import Hypercode in Your Project

Now, import Hypercode in your JavaScript or TypeScript file:

const hyper = require('hypercode')

Step 4: Start Querying

You're now ready to start querying language models with Hypercode! Here's a simple example:

const capital = hyper.word('What is the capital of France?')
console.log(capital) // "Paris"

What's next? Congratulations! You're all set up with Hypercode and ready to explore the world of language models. Here are a few links that might be helpful as you delve further into Hypercode: